Heya i'm Jess, this is my venting blog, i do not write it to please anyone, im not trying to get millions of followers ( although i wont complain if i do ;D) i just reblog whatever i like the look of, if you dont like it, unfollow, simple.
my blog is mainly porn, beautiful women, porn, porn,porn,cats,porn,funny stuff and lovey dovey stuff.
i am bisexual and proud!
I am in a serious committed relationship with my gorgeous partner Joe <3
i love to read, listen to music, have sex, lots, and be out and about with friends.
I'm always up for answering any questions that you wanna ask :) bessiexx@hotmail.co.uk is my email if you can't get hold of me on here <3

Thanks anyways! xx



why the fuck cant i have a best friend who lives 30 seconds away from me who always comes over and we just stay at each others houses whenever movies are so deceiving

So hi?!

So a friend of mine may have persuaded me to possibly come back to tumblr, 

I’m considering it…

BUT I have rules.

If I come back I will NOT be posting nudes

I will NOT send people pictures

I will only be blogging what ever the hell i feel like and it will probably be full of mussy lovey dovey stuff because i am in a long term committed relationship with the guy of my dreams and i want to keep it that way!

So yeah, heres to trying to get  my followers back and trying to keep a half decent blog!

Anonymous asked
How do we contact you if we're not signed up to tumblr?

My email which should be on my blog somewhere, in the description I think


Im going to have to shut this blog down i think, ive had no laptop for the last few months and i feel like im so behind on everything, im considering making a personal blog, but im not sure its worth the hassle, i wont be on it much as im halfway through changing jobs, giving up smoking and moving out, but who knows, ill keep this blog up for a few more days incase anyone wants to contact me but bye for now followers <3

Photo fresh from the bedroom ;)

P.s i&#8217;m actually stroking my boyfriends (Joes) cock with my right hand in this picture ;D

Photo fresh from the bedroom ;)

P.s i’m actually stroking my boyfriends (Joes) cock with my right hand in this picture ;D

Anonymous asked
Are you too shy to show stuff?

obviously yep, too shy, never ever have i shown my body, especially not on body confidence blogs…mhm